Change One Child’s Life with a Scholarship

When You Save a Life, You Save the Entire World!

Israel Tennis Centers Foundation is dedicated to creating lasting peace in one of the most turbulent areas in the world. Our goal is to teach the children of Israel Tennis Centers how to live successful lives. “Through the skills learned on the court, we teach our children in an environment of inclusiveness, unity, respect, diversity and caring,” states Jacqueline Glodstein, Executive Vice President of Global Development. “As we believe, this will set them on the path to building lasting peace within their communities.”

Performing Mitzvot, (good deeds) and Tzedakah (charitable giving) are central to the greater concept of Tikkun Olam, the idea that we bear responsibility not only for our own moral, spiritual, and material welfare, but also for the welfare of the world at-large! And so on #GivingTuesday, the Israel Tennis Centers Foundation offers the opportunity to fulfill each of these ideals and create a better world.

Since 1948 when the State of Israel was founded, Israel’s economic growth has been truly miraculous! But what many people do not know is that significant poverty also exists. In fact, 36% of Israeli children lives in poverty. The Israel Tennis Centers provides programs and services that enable these children to overcome their circumstances and succeed.

The Israel Tennis Centers helps “create a better world” every day, and so the theme for ITC’s #GivingTuesday is “One Day One Child”, When You Save a Life, You Save the Entire World! By participating in #GivingTuesday, you can “save lives”, too and here’s how:

  1. Make your #GivingTuesday contribution now! For every $1,000 raised, ITC will “save a child’ by providing a full-year of critical service to an underprivileged youth, including tennis lessons after school, nutritious meals and snacks, homework help, mentoring, counseling and other vital services. Monitor the #GivingTuesday totals and see how your gift and the gifts of others are bringing about Tikkun Olam!
  2. Become a #GivingTuesday Lifesaver and create your own #GivingTuesday fundraising page! “Save lives” by asking others to make a gift on #GivingTuesday on your personalized #GivingTuesday site. Be sure to share your page with all your friends on all your social media sites!
  3. Become a #GivingTuesday Social Ambassador and promote the Israel Tennis Centers and its #GivingTuesday campaign on social media. Like, Promote and Share posts, and Invite your friends to do the same! If you’re interested in becoming a #GivingTuesday Social Ambassador, email

    Join the Israel Tennis Centers Foundation on #GivingTuesday and experience Tikkun Olam through “One Day One Child”. When You Save a Life, You Save the Entire World!

ITC Stories

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Empowering Israel’s Children…Beyond Tennis and Beyond Borders

Founded in 1976, the Israel Tennis Centers (ITC) is one of the largest social service organizations for children in Israel, serving over 20,000 Israeli children every year. The ITC’s 14 centers stretch from Kiryat Shmona in the North to Beer Sheva in the South. Many of these centers are in underprivileged neighborhoods, providing disadvantaged children with a safe, structured and nurturing environment.

The ITC offers uniquely designed programs to meet the specific needs of its children:

  • Social Impact: assisting youth at risk, those with special needs such as Down Syndrome and autism and children of new immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia
  • Coexistence: bringing together Israeli Jews, Arabs, Bedouins and Druze to play and learn
  • High Performance: training Israeli children to excel as tennis players.

All of these programs are open to all children living in Israel, regardless of background, religious affiliation or economic circumstance. No child is ever turned away.